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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Woody Allen - The Wanderer

Woody Allen does not want to make films set in the US anymore.

OK, that is not definitely true. I have not managed to contact the acclaimed writer and director and very strange actor to ask him.

But, judging by his recent films, I believe that Mr Allen is enjoying himself arsing about Europe making stories featuring some of the world's most interesting or potentially good actors.

Matchpoint (2005), Scoop (2005) and Cassandra's dream (2007) were all set in London, England. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) was set in, well, Barcelona. You will meet a tall dark stranger (2010) then took Allen back to London. His latest film, to be released this year, Midnight in Paris (2011), is set in Paris.

Then next year, he releases yet another film directed by him, The wrong picture, which is set in Rome, Italy.

Therefore, I conclude that he likes to travel. Maybe he should stick with films about people being alienated about countries other than America, though. I don't buy him understanding that much about Europe.

Americans may have lost some interest in him but keeps on making movies. He isn't winning Oscars anymore but he is going to Cannes often.

Be sure to read ScreenForum's review of Midnight in Paris soon. And then The wrong picture, which Allen stars. He does: "I'm a weirdo and I have a problem with my life" well, even if many people find him to be annoying.

Are you looking forward to the next Woody Allen movie to reach your country?

Alistair Anderson

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