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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm back

I have to write


Now about what?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Interpreting Milton, the worker

Representation in the works of African Photographers
From: Antony Kaminju
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 at 10:23am

Elizabeth Edward writes: “Central to the nature of the photograph and it’s interpretive dilemmas is it’s insistent dislocation of time and space…closely related to temporal dislocation in a photographic context is spatial dislocation.In the creation of an image photographic technology frames the angle,range of lens, type of film and the chosen moment of exposure further dictate and shape the moment.Exposure is an apposite term,for it carries not only technical meaning, but describes that moment “exposed” to historical scrutiny.The photograph contains and contrains within it’s boundaries, excluding all else, a microcosmic analogue of the framing of space which is knowledge.”

By use of pictures (could be archives or that you have taken) unpack Edwards words.You need to develop an argument for your blog and for class discussion as well.

This is a photograph of Milton at work. Milton is a “Yaler”. He is an intellectually challenged individual who works with YALE (Young Adults Learning and Earning). This organization provides work and a day home for people who are intellectually challenged and struggle to fit into what society generally sees as normal life.

The photograph interprets Milton’s extreme pride for his job. He works very quickly and carefully. His job, however, is something as simple as him folding letters. As said, he takes pride in his work. To a person that is not intellectually challenged, what he does may seem very simple. For Milton, this job defines part of his identity.

This is why his hands are in focus and the movement thereof is captured by an altered shutter speed.

The stapler symbolises how Milton’s life is dominated by work, work which he sees as an integral part of his life.

His facial expression, with him peering down shows how focused he is at this part of his life.

Also his desk is in order even though he believes he is ridding the world of chaos. Thus we have an implied paradox.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photoassignment "One"

We were instructed to get pictures using different techniques (different shutter speeds, aperture sizes, depths of field)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let Yourself entertain You

So has this past week been that holiday week of the sort, that many Wits students experience? I’ve spent a fair bit of time sleeping during it. I think that’s commendable.

Besides this, I’ve done bits of holiday assignments and tried to find extra work. At least some of the odd jobs have paid me already.

The assignment-doing has been less successful. As has often been the case, I’ve ended up doing bits of work, distracting myself and left stuff for the weekend. I am guilty of watching too much MTV, VH1, Base, Trace etc. I believe it’s because I’ve been bitten by the pop music bug. Every now and then a hand of good harmonies is dealt to my ears. The chemistry just works for some reason.

This is why I keep feeling the urge to listen to Shakira – She Wolf, LA Roux – Bulletproof and Beyonce Sweet Dreams. I think the Shakira video helps but the La Roux, not so much, although the colours are cool. Beyonce’s video is impressive; I like her as a robot- à la Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, although I wonder if that reference was intentional for the director.

No holiday week would complete without a bit of clubbing and “pubbing”, both of which I’ve partook in. But you’re not my therapist or my BFF so, let’s get back to business

How should Witsies actually spend their time during the holidays?

Admittedly, this list would have been more useful about four days ago but, hey; it could help for the weekend.

A good idea, if you haven’t already done so, is to look for some work. Also, looking for work for next year can help, should you no longer be studying fulltime. Admittedly, most internship applications close at the end of August. However, many companies appreciate CVs at nay time. For every Rand Merchant Bank, there’s always a bank in the Cayman’s, which might take you.

Doing some exercise is also a good idea for improving your aura. Don’t worry, we’re not going to get Zen here, rather Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Madness If you pushed yourself sick with parties and work late in the third block, why not chill a bit in this one week before the exam rush.

I’ve told people before that September holidays can be used quite cleverly by doing a bit of studying to set you up for more advanced study next block. However, that really depends on you and how much work you may have to catch up.

Seeing as it is spring, you cannot ignore the weather. Parks can be clubs of their own. I hope someone enjoyed Spring Day. Movies and malls can be fun, running around like a fourteen year old when you’re twenty-one, might not be - Unless you want to go to play who dropped the soap all holidays.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a bit of initiative though. Creating your own fun; what most people probably spend their time doing, even without knowing it, is healthy.

One of the least risky but most fulfilling ways to spend your time, recreational or otherwise, it to read. Books tend to have less lies or downright rubbish than TV shows do.

Sleeping to stay healthy is a rather good idea. A little subliminal, pointless TV doesn’t hurt either.

Vuzu channel has enlightened my life with Simpsons and South Park episodes. Those shows fill some void. Gossip Girl is more likely for eye-candy and teaching how to write rather simple pop-culture taffy.

However, since when do annoying air-wasting would-be journalist chumps like Dan Humprheys get girls like Serena from Gossip Girl?